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At Sellision, we have been working for online stores from all over the world for over 8 years. We know that combining programming services with marketing is the best way to develop online sales. By building project teams with competences in both of these areas, we effectively create solutions for our clients that we would like to use ourselves.
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What would running your store be like if one trusted partner could support you in everything? This is what we offer at Sellision.
Here we will provide you with everything you need to sell effectively online. You no longer have to coordinate the activities of many agencies - now you can entrust all tasks to one partner.
Sellision has 12+ qualified specialists in various e-commerce areas. They will form a team carefully selected to suit your needs and expected results. We act strategically, coherently and innovatively. We create our own products and offer support from A to Z to achieve one goal - your growing sales. Entrust your shop to us today and soon celebrate the results you have always dreamed of.

Daniel Tomaszewski

Managing Director

Our story

Strategical ecommerce agency

For over 8 years, Sellision has been working for online stores all around the world. We know, that merging software services with marketing is the best way to grow online sales. By building teams with competences from both of those areas we’ve been successfully providing our clients with solutions that we would proudly implement ourselves.

  • We work remotely since the beginning - we have a long-standing experience in remote cooperation.
  • We ensure clear communication - efficient execution of meetings and effective project management is a cornerstone for us.
  • We operate in a process-driven manner, always having clear objectives and methods.
  • We innovate by finding solutions for the customer that will bring them a competitive advantage.
  • We operate on an international scale, which gives us access to the best practices from other European markets.
  • We rely on the Time&Material model, which is the most transparent settlement model where the value is reflected in the number of hours worked

Didier Lab

Sellision built an online store with a custom graphic design on the PrestaShop system and expanded our online sales from 0 to over 6000 orders per month across 4 European markets.


Sellision carried out the online store redesign process for us with great attention to UX optimization. The redesign is the foundation for our further strategic development.

Mea Nesto

They showed full commitment in introducing us to the process. Great advice, knowledge of the market and trends. In difficult moments, we were provided with support and help. We are working on another project.

JM Group

The completed projects meet our expectations, and it's important to emphasize the support provided after the projects were completed. We perceive the company as a partner that fulfills its commitments to the client appropriately.


We began our collaboration in 2011 when the company was still taking shape. We were impressed by their enthusiasm and fresh perspective on internet marketing issues


Ecommerce Agency

We collaborate with clients worldwide, thanks to our remote-first approach, which enables us to work from anywhere. We utilize diverse tools to measure our efficiency. Our first step is to conduct an audit of the online store. We settle projects on a Time & Materials basis, where you pay for the honest work of our specialists. We manage projects flexibly in accordance with the Agile methodology. Our know-how is documented and implemented in our business strategy. There is nothing impossible for us to achieve with our ambition. We are not afraid of individual solutions, as innovation is what has brought us to where we are today.

1 People
2 Responsibility
3 Transparency
4 Partnership
5 Communication
6 Passion

Our clients' success stories

4 reasons to start cooperation


Hourly billing for actual time worked

In a world full of complexities and ambiguities, we strive for simplicity and transparency in everything we do. One of the most important ways we achieve this is through our hourly billing model for time actually worked.


An implementation process that allows you to implement stores quickly and in accordance with the project budget

In e-commerce, time is money. Therefore, our approach to implementing online stores is focused on efficiency and effectiveness. Our developed implementation process allows for quick implementation of projects while maintaining high quality. We create software in the agile Scrum model and implement it in accordance with the graphic design we have previously prepared.


Industry experience allowing for rapid sales development immediately after implementation

We specialize in the Beauty and Home Decor industries, which allows us to plan implementations more effectively and then develop sales. We have a comprehensive view of industries and help our clients achieve exceptional progress by leveraging industry experience.


Experienced implementation team

Our team consists of excellent specialists with at least 3 years of experience, thanks to which experienced people work on implementations. We enjoy high efficiency in project implementation, always adapting to established budgets. We focus on quality and timeliness, using the latest tools and methodologies. With us, your project is in good hands from start to finish. Moreover, we provide full transparency at every stage and after-sales support, which allows you to concentrate on key aspects of your business with complete peace of mind.

Daniel Tomaszewski

Managing Director

Daniel Tomaszewski - Managing Director

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