Wisan brand loyalty program


For the brand, we built a dedicated loyalty program consisting of 3 levels awarded for a period of 12 months. A user enters a higher level or stays at a given level after meeting a point threshold. The user collects points for events performed in the store, which at the same time trigger communications scheduled in the marketing automation tool.

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About the brand

Firanek Fabryka Firanek „Wisan” S.A. in Skopan is a company with a 60-year tradition. Its construction began even before World War II as part of the Central Industrial District, but not until 1951. textile production began. Today, Wisan is one of the top 5 curtain manufacturers in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

For years, Wisan has exported a significant part of its products to more than 30 countries around the world, mainly to the very demanding markets of Western Europe, which are: France, England, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands. Wisan products can also be found in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

The challange

After launching the online store, the client asked us to implement a loyalty program, which we designed based on our experience and recent research on user loyalty for several of our clients. The customer highly values this area of work, as customers typically make only two purchases a year during the sales season, making it a challenge to maintain loyalty over a 12-month period. Traditional marketing messages with up-to-date offers have not been effective in retaining customers.

Our loyalty program includes a mechanism for awarding levels within a certain timeframe, which allows us to increase communication via email/sms/push using an integrated marketing automation tool. We established three loyalty levels and assigned points to customers for certain events, including purchases of a certain value, certain products and leaving reviews.

With the implementation of the loyalty program, we have developed a mechanism for granting levels for a strictly defined period of time, which allows us to increase email/sms/push communication through the marketing automation tool with which we have integrated.

As part of the work, we established three levels of loyalty and for which events the customer gets points. Among other things, the customer was to get points for purchases of a certain value, purchases of certain products or even leaving a review.

We programmed the entire solution within our proprietary module for PrestaShop and integrated via API with a marketing automation tool that performs marketing communications sent from our module.

The customer within the levels has different fixed discounts that must be properly shown in the store which also became a challenge to set the discount policy in the store so that only the highest discount is applied.

The result

The implementation process included three key phases: graphic design, programming and marketing automation communications. The team approached the implementation comprehensively, handling everything from the creation of the strategy to the smallest details in marketing communications.

The program increases marketing approvals by 77% and increases email click-through rates from 6% to 22%. The share of sales from the loyalty program in total sales for returning customers is 39.3%. The system sends more than one million automatic messages from the program per year.

Wisan brand loyalty program

Daniel Tomaszewski

Managing Director

Daniel Tomaszewski - Managing Director

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