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We will create and implement an online store for your B2B customers based on our technology stack, tailored to the specific requirements of your enterprise.

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    B2B e-commerce implementation –What does it involve?

    The B2B e-commerce implementation service for your B2B clients includes carrying out the process of implementing an online store by a specialized implementation team. This team consists of graphic designers, developers, and a project manager who supervises the various stages of the implementation.

    The implementation consists of three phases: the design phase, in which business needs are analyzed and a graphic design is prepared; the implementation phase, in which developers implement the store; and the launch phase, in which testing and the premiere of the new online store are conducted.

    What problems do we solve?


    B2B store is slow, causing you to lose customers

    We carry out B2B e-commerce implementations from scratch in accordance with the designed graphic project of the store. Our stores are characterized not only by their aesthetic appearance but also by lightning-fast loading times on mobile devices.


    B2B store is unintuitive, which reduces the number of orders

    Our main goal during each B2B online store implementation is to achieve a high order conversion rate. We accomplish this by designing modern and intuitive solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your business customers.


    Lack of strong competitive advantages

    In a competitive market, creating functional advantages for the store is crucial, which is why we have numerous proprietary modules and ready-made solutions for implementation, such as loyalty programs, affiliate programs, and B2B features that support increased sales. This significantly reduces implementation costs.


    Constantly emerging and, horrifyingly, recurring errors

    The software can only be as good as the implementation company responsible for its deployment. We are an experienced B2B e-commerce implementation agency, operating in the market for over 10 years, and we guarantee flawless implementation of the store without any defects or errors. We will provide this guarantee in writing.


    High efforts required for scaling markets

    Our clients achieve success in scaling sales in European markets thanks to our multistore solutions for B2B e-commerce and modules enabling automatic translation of the store and offers using artificial intelligence. This allows you to manage one store, and any changes are automatically applied to the other stores.


    Poor automation of business processes

    As a specialized e-commerce agency that supports clients every day, we understand how crucial efficient back-office management is. Therefore, during implementation, we seek solutions that maximize the ease of daily store management, ensuring even greater efficiency for our clients.

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      Why our implementation?


      Our implementation is a good choice for B2B seller

      Among many technologies for building online stores, Our selected technology stands out as a good and cost-effective for building a B2B store. It offers a stable base for business development, with the possibility of increasing revenues from hundreds of thousands to millions. For manufacturers and distributors looking for an effective and professional solution without excessive costs, our technology stack is ideal, allowing customization to specific B2B needs and ensuring ease of management.


      The software is yours

      The software created is your property, and you can develop it in any direction. The one-time implementation cost is higher than the monthly subscription fee of, for example, a SaaS-type subscription store, but on an annual scale, the implementation turns out to be cheaper, there are no sales commissions and subscription costs.


      Modern design that converts into orders

      As the leading e-commerce implementation agency in Poland, we focus on achieving high conversion rates in the platforms we design. Our approach includes creating stores that not only look modern but are primarily designed with an easy and intuitive purchasing process for customers in mind. Our leadership position in the industry is confirmed by our case studies, which demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our implementations. We invite you to compare our projects.


      Implementation under the expert eye

      Most of our clients stay with us for years, which speaks to the quality of our services. We not only facilitate their daily operations through servicing, but crucially, we support their development by designing and implementing new store functionalities and providing marketing support. Implementing with us means not just the work of our specialists, but also access to the knowledge and experience of our entire team, which consists of several dozen people.


      Implementations in accordance with the agreed budget

      The implementation is carried out on an hourly billing basis, but this does not exempt us from caring for the budget entrusted to us. Already at the proposal stage, and then after the completion of the graphic design, we present time estimates that allow for determining the necessary budget. This double protection guarantees that your implementation will be completed within the agreed budget, for which we take full responsibility.


      Advanced integrations and dedicated modules

      We have implemented a range of our own, unique modules, including loyalty programs integrated with marketing automation tools, as well as modules dedicated for the B2B sector, such as those enabling the application of individual pricing. Thanks to this, we are able to ensure integration with any ERP system or create a custom integration through an API according to your needs.

      What do clients say about our implementations?

      I am satisfied with the implementation of the B2C and B2B store. The company understood our needs and made a series of integrations including transforming current solutions to make improvements that allow for more efficient customer service and sales scaling to 7 European markets. Communication deserves recognition as well, along with a proactive approach to the development of our store and solving complex problems. The Scrum methodology ensured transparency and flexibility, allowing us to observe real results at every stage of implementation. This collaboration not only transformed our digital strategy but also significantly strengthened sales growth and customer loyalty.

      Adam Affek

      E-commerce Key Account Manager at Mondex

      Sellision is an experienced implementation company that designed and deployed an online store for B2C and B2B customers. The implementation was successful, in line with the presented process and implementation plan. The company also demonstrated a good understanding of our needs and presented solutions that were realized as part of the implementation. Communication was good, and the results were clear and visible at every meeting. The final effect? A store that not only looks great but is intuitive and functional for our customers, available at

      Katarzyna Michnowska

      Purchasing Manager at Bottari

      I am satisfied with the implementation of the online store for our brand Neess. The store's implementation went smoothly, within the specified budget and implementation time. I appreciate the professionalism in terms of design and UX, which significantly contributed to improving conversion on mobile devices. Their commitment and meticulousness in project management led to a successful implementation in a short time.

      Izabela Kopała

      Brand Manager at Donegal

      They are already scaling sales with us

      We have 10 years of experience in implementing B2B e-commerce

      After implementation, we will provide you with support in servicing and developing the store. Additionally, we will ensure the efficient operation of the B2B platform

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      We are a certified agency


      How the service is provided –

      The B2B e-commerce implementation service process consists of three phases and eleven stages. We implement using the Agile Scrum model, which allows us to approach project execution flexibly. The first phase enables the performance of precise estimation, which is crucial for determining the required budget.

      PHASE IDesign

      • Stage: Workshop
      • Stage: Business Analysis
      • Stage: Requirements Review and Prioritization
      • Stage: Graphic Design

      PHASE IIImplementation

      • Stage: Configuration of the implementation environment
      • Stage: Implementation of the main shopping path
      • Stage: Implementation of other pages
      • Stage: Data migration
      • Stage: Integrations
      • Stage: Testing and customization
      • Stage: Premiere

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      a consultation?

      We want to understand your needs, which will allow us to select the right solutions and prepare an offer for you. After receiving your application, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an online meeting.



        Free consultation

        B2B e-commerce implementation –How much does it cost?

        The costs are dependent on the number of requirements and chosen solutions, so an accurate assessment is possible only after understanding the detailed functional requirements.

        The costs of implementing B2B e-commerce primarily stem from the working hours of our specialists involved in the various stages. Typically, the cost of implementation pays off relatively quickly as it results in better conversion, higher cart value, and a competitive advantage.

        Knowing the preliminary requirements allows for cost estimation, and the design phase enables an accurate estimation of the working hours.

        B2B e-commerce implementation –How long does it take?

        The duration of the implementation depends on the number of requirements and chosen solutions, but it usually takes from 40 to 70 working days. The time needed for the client to prepare the store from a substantive perspective also significantly impacts the implementation time.

        We have designed our process so that the client can actively participate in ¾ of the work on the implementation, which significantly accelerates the final launch time of the online store.

        We guarantee


        Budget control guarantee

        We carry out our projects in the Time & Materials model, but we ensure the completion of the agreed scope of work within the designated budget. In case of unforeseen circumstances, such as changes or extensions of project requirements, we consult with the client on the possibility of adjusting the budget or carrying out additional tasks in future stages of the store's development.


        Guarantee of freedom from defects

        If a task is accepted during the project acceptance phase, but it turns out not to function correctly after the store launch, we commit to correcting this task free of charge. Similarly, as part of our Online store servicing services, we provide free repairs in case of problems. Our priority is to maintain a high quality of services and to ensure customer satisfaction.


        Delivery guarantee

        Over the past 10 years, we have delivered 100% of projects successfully, because we understand that reputation in the industry is built over years, and successful implementations form a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

        Frequently asked questions

        How long do you need to prepare a proposal?

        Typically, preparing a proposal takes us up to 6 working days after thoroughly understanding your needs. However, it's important to remember that this time frame can vary depending on the detail and complexity of the project.

        What are the main differences between implementing B2C and B2B?

        The main differences between implementing B2C and B2B involve tailoring the platform's features to the specific needs of business customers. B2B implementation often includes advanced price and discount management, access to product catalogs limited to registered companies, individual trade conditions, the ability to place bulk orders, integration with ERP systems, and features supporting purchasing processes in companies, such as managing multi-level user permission structures.

        Is PrestaShop secure?

        Yes, PrestaShop is considered a secure e-commerce platform, resulting from regular updates, security patches, and compliance with current data protection standards. Thanks to continuous access to security updates and the support of an active community of users and developers, the platform maintains a high security standard for online stores.

        What B2B features are available in PrestaShop?

        PrestaShop provides a solid foundation for building a B2B platform. The store is extended with B2B features thanks to our dedicated modules such as: 1. Prices visible after logging in 2. Registration and login as a B2B client 3. Individual product pricing 4. Trade credit with an online repayment method 5. Fixed discount thresholds 6. Product import to cart 7. Reordering of the last order 8. Importing a shipping list for delivery to a specified address 9. Minimum order value threshold

        Can a B2C and B2B store be implemented within a single deployment?

        Certainly, and this is the most optimal implementation. The store is available online for both B2C and B2B customers, allowing everyone to familiarize themselves with the shop's offer. However, only after logging in does a B2B client see their prices, trade conditions, additional products, and features that facilitate B2B purchases.

        What are the pricing and discount management options for B2B customers in PrestaShop?

        In PrestaShop, the pricing and discount management options for B2B customers include setting individual pricing for different customer groups, the ability to apply quantity discounts, temporary promotions, and special pricing conditions for selected customers or groups. The platform also allows for discount management at the product or entire order level, enabling flexible customization of the offer to meet the specific needs of individual business customers.

        Does PrestaShop support multi-currency and multilingual sales for B2B companies?

        PrestaShop supports multi-currency and multilingual sales, allowing B2B companies to operate in international markets. The platform enables setting up different currencies and languages, facilitating the customization of the store to meet the needs of global customers, offering them the option to shop in their preferred currency and language.

        Can individual trading conditions be set for specific B2B companies?

        Yes, in PrestaShop, you can set individual trading conditions for specific B2B companies using our additional solutions. The system allows for defining specific prices, discounts, payment terms, credit limits, and other collaboration conditions tailored to the needs and requirements of each business customer individually.

        Do you provide store maintenance after deployment?

        Yes, we offer maintenance services for the store after its implementation. Our services include comprehensive technical support and updates, enabling the store to be kept in optimal condition and adapted to current market requirements and user expectations.

        B2B store operation training

        As part of the implementation, we provide free, comprehensive training on operating the PrestaShop store. This will enable you and your team to more effectively manage the store, including adding products, managing orders, and customizing the store to individual needs. The training will be tailored to the skill level of the participants, covering all essential elements of managing an online store.

        Do you provide source code and a changelog in the repository?

        Yes, we provide access to the source code and change history in our repository. Clients receive full access to all project documents, ensuring transparency and facilitating change management and continued store development.

        Will you integrate my ERP or other tools with API access?

        Yes, we are able to integrate any complex ERP system or other tools with API access with PrestaShop. Our team specializes in creating custom integrations that enable seamless connection between PrestaShop and various external systems and applications, providing automation of business processes and streamlining store management.

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        We want to understand your needs, which will allow us to select the right solutions and prepare an offer for you. After receiving your application, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an online meeting.



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