PrestaShop vs. Shopify: Which online store to choose?

The e-commerce market is constantly growing, more and more new online stores are being created, and many people are considering starting an e-commerce store. In such a situation, the question arises: which e-commerce platform to choose? Which e-commerce platform is right for me?

Let’s take a look at the two most popular platforms today: Prestashop i Shopify.

Shopify is e-commerce platform, that makes it relatively easy tobuild an online store. It is a paid self-hosted software. Shopify is a fairly intuitive platform that allows you to create simple online stores quite easily.

Prestashop is the leading free e-commerce development platform and the development of online stores of any size.

Differences between Prestashop and Shopify

Below we present the main differences between Prestashop and Shopify, both in terms of ease of use and administration of the online store, as well as efficiency and e-commerce customization.

Prestashop vs Shopify: ease of use

Both Prestashop and Shopify are relatively easy to use store builder platforms

The ease of Shopify consists in equipping the system with drag&drop elements. This platform provides sample stores that the user can modify relatively easily.

PrestaShop is a bit more complicated. However, the truth is that it offers a lot more customization options than Shopify stores. We can conclude that Shopify meets the basic needs of e-commerce, while PrestaShop allows you to develop ambitious sales platforms tailored to the specific functional requirements of the user.


PrestaShop vs. Shopify: Which online store to choose?

Prestashop vs Shopify: e-commerce management

The administration of an ecommerce store in Shopify is possible in the basic scope. To access advanced features, the user must purchase a higher subscription plan.

Prestashop does not offer subscription plans: by installing the free platform, you get access to full functionality. The only costs will be those related to hosting.

Shopify offers simpler management that’s perfect for small stores. If you need a powerful online store or one that has specific features – you will have to build your own custom configuration, which is exactly what the Prestashop platform is made for.

Prestashop vs Shopify: store customization

In the following paragraph, we summarize the aspects of personalizing the online store. Shopify offers many options to extend the functionality of the platform, as well as free and premium themes that you can use in your store. Prestashop offers much more options to choose from as there are approximately 3,000+ installable modules and hundreds of different templates to suit all types of stores and industries.

It is very easy to add new features to Prestashop and there are endless customization of the e-commerce design. Prestashop makes it easy to add new features while Shopify excels when it comes to how easy it is to change the style of your store.

Be careful

PrestaShop vs. Shopify: Which online store to choose?

Prestashop vs Shopify: efficiency

Finally, if we analyze the performance of both platforms, we can see that both are quite robust and powerful. Both platforms are fast, but Prestashop offers much more control over how your online store works.

The advantage of Shopify is a very intuitive store builder, collections of modern templates, and generally good performance and security. If you have a small business, this can be a good solution to take your first steps in selling online.

However, if your online project goes beyond a small store and you need a professional solution to specific problems, Prestashop is the perfect platform. Prestashop offers extensive access to many store administration options, thousands of modules that you can use and hundreds of different types of templates, you can also modify the security configuration and adapt it to your needs.

If you are looking for a platform with countless customization options to achieve a unique web design tailored to your business needs, Prestashop is the best choice.

Prestashop vs Shopify: SEO

Also in relation to SEO positioning , PrestaShop is one of the best platforms to facilitate positioning in major search engines. This platform allows you to work on keywords, goals, optimize content and many other SEO-related features better than any other platforma e-commerce.

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