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    B2C e-commerce Implementation - What does it involve?

    The e-commerce implementation service involves conducting the process of deploying an online store by a qualified implementation team consisting of graphic designers, programmers, and a project manager who coordinates the various stages of implementation.

    The implementation consists of three phases: the design phase, during which business needs analysis and graphic design preparation are carried out; the implementation phase, during which programmers deploy the store; and the launch phase, during which testing and the premiere of the new online store take place.

    How do we solve?


    The store is running slowly, causing you to lose customers.

    We implement e-commerce deployments from scratch according to the designed store graphics. Our stores stand out with lightning-fast loading times on smartphones.


    The advertising budget does not translate into the number of orders

    The main goal of each of our deployments is to achieve a high order conversion rate, which we accomplish by designing modern and intuitive online stores while listening to the needs of your customers.


    Lack of strong competitive advantages

    In a competitive market, it's crucial to build functional advantages for your store. That's why we have many proprietary modules and ready-to-implement solutions such as loyalty programs, affiliate programs, or B2B features to enhance sales. This significantly reduces implementation costs.


    Continuously appearing and, to our dismay, recurring errors

    The software is only as good as the implementation company responsible for its deployment. We are an experienced e-commerce implementation agency with over 10 years of expertise, and we guarantee a flawless and error-free store deployment. You will have this in writing.


    Significant efforts in scaling markets

    Our clients successfully scale their sales to European markets using the multistore solution from our technology and our modules for automatic store and offer translation using AI. This allows you to manage one store, and changes are automatically applied to the other stores.


    Weak automation of business processes

    As a specialized ecommerce agency that supports clients on a daily basis, we understand how important it is for back-office operations to run efficiently. Therefore, when implementing, we look for solutions that make daily store management easier.

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      Why choose our implementation?


      Our implementation is a good choice for manufacturers and distributors

      There are many technologies available on the market for building an online store. Our technology provides an excellent foundation for scaling sales from hundreds of thousands to millions of monthly revenue. It allows for efficient, professional, and relatively low-cost implementation compared to larger solutions that manufacturers and distributors may not need.


      The software is your property

      The created software is your property, and you can develop it in any direction. The one-time implementation cost may be higher than the monthly subscription cost of, for example, a SaaS store, but over the course of a year, implementation is cheaper. There are no sales commissions or subscription costs.


      Modern design that converts into orders

      As an implementation agency, our goal is to achieve high order conversion rates on the platforms we deploy. This requires us to design modern online stores that not only look contemporary but, most importantly, enable customers to make quick and intuitive purchases. We pride ourselves on being the top e-commerce implementation agency in Poland, as evidenced by our case studies.


      Implementation under expert supervision

      The vast majority of our clients have been working with us for years. We not only facilitate their daily work through servicing but, most importantly, we help them grow by designing and implementing new store features and supporting them in marketing. Therefore, the implementation is not just the work time of specialists but also the know-how of dozens of people working in the company.


      According to the established implementation budget

      We implement the project on an hourly billing basis, but this does not exempt us from responsibility for the allocated budget. As part of the quoting process and after creating the graphic design, you will receive time estimates from us, which reassure us of the required implementation budget. This double-check ensures that your implementation will be delivered within the specified budget, and therefore, we take responsibility for it.


      Advanced integrations and custom modules

      We have implemented many proprietary custom modules, such as a loyalty program with integration to marketing automation tools or modules expanding the store with B2B features like individual pricing. Therefore, we can integrate any ERP for you or program any API integration.

      What do clients say about our implementations?

      Sellision is an experienced implementation company that designed and deployed an online store for B2C and B2B customers. The implementation was successful, in line with the presented process and implementation plan. The company also demonstrated a good understanding of our needs and presented solutions that were realized as part of the implementation. Communication was good, and the results were clear and visible at every meeting. The final effect? A store that not only looks great but is intuitive and functional for our customers, available at

      Katarzyna Michnowska

      Purchasing Manager at Bottari Poland

      I am satisfied with the implementation of the B2C and B2B store. The company understood our needs and made a series of integrations including transforming current solutions to make improvements that allow for more efficient customer service and sales scaling to 7 European markets. Communication deserves recognition as well, along with a proactive approach to the development of our store and solving complex problems. The Scrum methodology ensured transparency and flexibility, allowing us to observe real results at every stage of implementation. This collaboration not only transformed our digital strategy but also significantly strengthened sales growth and customer loyalty.

      Adam Affek

      E-commerce Key Account Manager at Mondex

      I am satisfied with the implementation of the online store for our brand Neess. The store's implementation went smoothly, within the specified budget and implementation time. I appreciate the professionalism in terms of design and UX, which significantly contributed to improving conversion on mobile devices. Their commitment and meticulousness in project management led to a successful implementation in a short time.

      Izabela Kopała

      Brand Manager at Donegal

      They are already scaling sales with us

      We have 10 years of experience in e-commerce implementations

      After implementation, you will receive support from us in servicing and development, and additionally, we will strive to increase sales conversion in your store

      ABOUT US









      We are a certified agency


      How the serviceis delivered -

      The B2C e-commerce implementation service process consists of 3 phases and 11 stages. We execute implementations in the Agile Scrum agile model, allowing for a flexible approach to deployment. Completing the first phase enables us to make a very precise estimation, which is crucial for determining the required budget.

      Phase IDesign

      • Stage: Workshop
      • Stage: Requirements review and prioritization
      • Stage: Graphic design

      Phase IIImplementation

      • Stage: Configuration of the implementation environment
      • Stage: Implementation of the main shopping path
      • Stage: Implementation of other pages
      • Stage: Data migration
      • Stage: Integrations
      • Stage: Testing and customization
      • Stage: Premiere

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      a consultation?

      We want to understand your needs, which will allow us to select the right solutions and prepare an offer for you. After receiving your application, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an online meeting.



        Free consultation

        B2C e-commerce Implementation - How much does it cost?

        The cost of implementation depends on the number of requirements and the selection of solutions, so it’s not possible to determine the exact cost of implementing an online store before knowing the functional requirements.

        The implementation costs of e-commerce primarily consist of the cost of the working hours of our specialists responsible for each stage. The implementation cost usually pays off quite quickly because the deployed store converts better into orders, increases the value of the basket, and builds a competitive advantage.

        Understanding the initial requirements allows for estimating the implementation cost, and the design phase allows for precise estimations of the required working hours. Estimated costs can be derived from some general guidelines:

        • Basic store implementation: Around 200 hours / €12 000,
        • Comprehensive store implementation: Around 300 hours / €18 000
        • Advanced implementation: Over 400 hours / €24 000 – €60 000.

        The implementation cost depends on the requirements, and the above estimates are subjective based on the analysis of over 70 of our implementations. The first phase, which precisely defines the requirements and results in a complete graphic design project of the store, usually takes about 40 hours, requiring an assumption of around €2 400 to go through the initial graphic design phase with us.

        B2C e-commerce Implementation - How long does it take?

        The implementation time depends on the number of requirements and the selection of solutions, but typically, implementation takes from 30 to 60 working days. The client’s availability and preparedness also impact the implementation time, as the client needs time to prepare the store from a substantive perspective.

        We have prepared our process so that the client can work on the store’s substance for 3/4 of the implementation time, significantly speeding up the final launch of the online store.

        We guarantee


        Budget control guarantee

        We execute projects in a Time & Materials model, but guarantee the completion of the defined scope of work within the specified budget. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as an increase or change in task requirements, we consult with the client on the possibility of increasing the budget or carrying out the task as part of future store development.


        Warranty of freedom from defects

        If a task is accepted during the task handover but turns out to be malfunctioning after the store's launch, then we rectify that task at no additional cost. We apply the same principle as part of our e-commerce maintenance service. We prioritize the quality of services provided.


        Delivery guarantee

        In the past 10 years, we have successfully delivered 100% of our projects because we understand that reputation in the industry is built over years, and implementations are usually the beginning of long-term collaborations.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How much time do you need to prepare the offer?

        The preparation of the offer typically takes up to 3 working days from the moment we familiarize ourselves with your requirements. However, the time for preparing the offer depends on the specifics and complexity of the project.

        Do you provide store maintenance after implementation?

        Yes, we provide store maintenance after its implementation. Our maintenance offer includes comprehensive technical support and updates, ensuring the store remains fully operational and adaptable to current market and user needs.

        Do you provide source code access and a change log in the repository?

        Yes, we provide access to the source code and a change log in the repository. We offer our clients full access to project-related materials, enabling transparency and ease of change management and further store development.

        WooCommerce or PrestaShop?

        WooCommerce is a sales plugin for WordPress software, which is used for managing content on websites. This solution can be good to start with (although we believe that it is more advantageous to create a store in the SaaS model for turnovers below €30 000 per month). For a larger number of products and orders, PrestaShop will definitely be better, as it is built directly for sales and scaling them.

        Is PrestaShop free?

        Yes, PrestaShop is free e-commerce software offered under an open-source license. It allows for creating and managing an online store without additional costs for the platform itself. However, costs may arise from the need for customization, integration of additional modules, or professional technical support.

        Will you integrate my ERP or other tools with API access?

        Yes, we are able to integrate any complex ERP system or other tools with API access with PrestaShop. Our team specializes in creating custom integrations that enable seamless connection between PrestaShop and various external systems and applications, providing automation of business processes and streamlining store management.

        Is PrestaShop secure?

        Yes, PrestaShop is considered a secure e-commerce platform, thanks to continuous updates, security patches, and compliance with applicable data protection standards. The availability of regular security updates and an active community of users and developers contribute to maintaining a high level of store security.

        PrestaShop pricing

        We bill according to our hourly rate for the time worked by our project team consisting of designers, programmers, and PM. Our pricing is competitive and reflects the high quality of service and experience of our team in implementing an online store, ensuring a professional approach and effective implementation. Please note that along with the price comes quality and speed of work execution.

        PrestaShop modules

        PrestaShop offers a wide range of modules that allow customization of the store to specific needs and requirements. Additionally, we have our own modules that we have developed to extend the functionality of standard solutions and increase conversions.

        PrestaShop, what is it?

        PrestaShop is a free, open-source e-commerce platform that allows for the creation and management of online stores. Thanks to its flexibility and modular structure, users can customize the store to their needs, integrate with various payment and delivery systems, and take advantage of many available modules.

        PrestaShop training

        As part of the implementation, you will receive a free comprehensive PrestaShop store management training from us, allowing you and your team to effectively manage the store, add products, manage orders, and personalize the store according to your needs. The training can be tailored to the participants' level of knowledge and covers all key aspects of managing an online store.

        PrestaShop audit

        A PrestaShop audit is a detailed analysis of an online store operating on this platform, aiming to identify potential issues and areas for optimization. It includes various aspects such as security, performance, SEO, usability, as well as compliance with current standards and best e-commerce practices.

        PrestaShop update

        PrestaShop update is a key process that allows maintaining the store fully functional, secure, and compliant with the latest standards and functionalities. The update process involves installing a new version of the software, which may bring security fixes, new features, and performance improvements.

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        We want to understand your needs, which will allow us to select the right solutions and prepare an offer for you. After receiving your application, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an online meeting.



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