B2C PrestaShop implementation for Toolbox brand

Toolbox approached us to implement the latest version of PrestaShop software along with the implementation of the graphic design.
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B2C PrestaShop implementation for Toolbox brand

About the brand

A store specializing in the broad tool industry. The brand has been on the market since 2011. The range includes equipment for industrial, workshop or garage applications, including compressors. MMA, MIG and TIG welding equipment, plasma cutters and accessories for these products. Toolbox also has a wide range of tool cabinets, hand tools or power tools.

The challange

The client built its online sales position mainly on sales through auction portals which required a number of Allegro integration works, which was a very high priority for the client. It was important to maintain the same offer in the store as on Allegro and to manage the offer on both platforms directly from the online store. Therefore, the standard solutions did not meet the requirements and we had to program a module that allows the creation of descriptions in the allegro standard in PrestaShop and ensure that the data transferred to and from allegro have this standard. This made it possible to standardize descriptions across client systems. It was also a challenge to implement two stores within one system using multistore mode.

B2C PrestaShop implementation for Toolbox brand

Scope of work

The implementation consisted of the standard three phases of Online Store Implementation and followed our process, which we have been using with numerous improvements for over 5 years. In total, the order was implemented in 13 stages, which allowed the client to understand the implementation process and have full control over it from the side of receiving results and billing.

  • Workshop
  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Workshop
  • Graphic design
  • Configuration of the deployment environment
  • Implementation of the main purchase path
  • Implementation of subpages
  • Backoffice customization
  • Data migration
  • Integrations
  • Marketing preparation of the store
  • Premiere
The result

In the first phase, we deeply understood the client’s needs. We agreed to divide the work so that the most essential functions of the store would be completed first, and the remaining functions would be completed in the development of the project. Such a solution allows the client to refinance development from sales growth.

Graphic design

The graphic design was preceded by a workshop in which interested people on the client’s side and on our side took an active part in planning the vision of the project. After the graphic designer gathered visions at workshop meetings, we proceeded to the graphic design stage. As part of this phase, a graphic designer prepared the concept for the homepage. After creating the concept for the homepage, the graphic designer prepared all the other views required for implementation in the online store. As the work progressed, we met with the client to discuss each of the store’s graphic elements. We use modern graphic design tools, so we were able to share the graphic design with the client in real time and at the same time mark the elements that needed work after the meeting.

B2C PrestaShop implementation for Toolbox brand

After the graphic design phase, we moved on to the implementation phase. We carried out the implementation in accordance with the Scrum methodology. As the implementation began, we precisely broke down all tasks in the project tool by sprints. This approach allows us to more effectively conduct a sprint planning meeting at which we usually specify the details of task requirements. It is standard for us to present the results of the work on the development server, so that the client can also check the results of the work on his own.

As part of the implementation, we also made numerous integrations with payment systems, suppliers and the ERP system.


The implementation of an online store for the Toolbox brand was fully successfully implemented and the result of our work can be seen directly at toolbox.pl. The implementation totaled 530 hours.

B2C PrestaShop implementation for Toolbox brand

Daniel Tomaszewski

Managing Director

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