B2C PrestaShop implementation for Didier Lab brand


dierLab.l is a French manufacturer of hybrid nail polishes that targets beauty salons and industry professionals as a premium brand. In addition to stationary stores, the brand offers its products in more than 6 European markets in the online channel. The brand’s entry into European markets was possible thanks to our activities, which resulted in the implementation of an online store with a custom graphic design based on the PrestaShop system.

  • B2C implementation
  • Servicing
  • Optimization
  • International sales
  • Increasing loyalty
  • PrestaShop
B2C PrestaShop implementation for Didier Lab brand

About the brand

Didier Lab is a professional manicure products that help customers create the highest quality styles. The French origin of the brand ensures masterful quality and a wide selection in line with the latest trends. In the assortment, customers will find all the most necessary products and accessories for manicures, such as bases, tops, hybrid and rubber polishes. The brand is very active not only in selling products but also in supporting salons by allowing them to become partner salons. A key area of the client is also market education, which brings the client increasing visibility by training future professionals using Didier Lab’s top quality products.

The challange

The brand turned to us for graphic design and implementation of a new online store on the PrestaShop platform. The manufacturer has gained popularity in the Lithuanian market and it was a strategic goal for the client to enter new and larger markets within the European Union through online sales and to launch online sales in the Lithuanian market. It was also a challenge for the client to enter these markets with limited knowledge of regulatory issues, logistics and consumer habits. The client was able to work with us successfully and with peace of mind because we advised on any area that needed support.

Each market has its own specific requirements and preferences, so we implemented a multistore online store that allowed the client to expand into new markets with dedicated domains.

Along with our first conversations, we knew that we had to ensure a unique design and take care of the location of the customers, most of whom are returning customers who make frequent supply purchases for the showroom as well as personal use. Therefore, in the implementation, we took as another goal to increase conversion and customer loyalty. As a result, we implemented our dedicated proprietary loyalty program, which you can read about on our website.

Scope of work

The implementation was carried out in accordance with our process, which we have been continuously improving for more than 5 years and consists of three standard phases. The implementation was divided into 13 stages, which allowed the client to fully understand the process, as well as to control it from the side of receiving results and billing.

  • Workshop
  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Workshop
  • Graphic design
  • Configuration of the deployment environment
  • Implementation of the main purchase path
  • Implementation of subpages
  • Backoffice customization
  • Data migration
  • Integrations
  • Marketing preparation of the store
  • Premiere
As part of the implementation, you can specify:
  1. Implementation of a dedicated loyalty program
  2. Complete modification of the purchasing process
  3. Functions of continuous customer inspiration
  4. Space for brand ambassadors
  5. Dedicated scalable server to withstand campaign peaks
  6. Multistore mode to support stores in different markets
  7. Advice on entering new markets
  8. Blog
  9. FAQ

The result


In the first phase, we deeply understood the client’s needs and applied our experience gained in the daily marketing and programming services of our clients in the same industry the client operates in – Beauty. We agreed to divide the work so that the most essential functions of the store would be completed first, and the remaining functions would be completed in the development of the project. For this purpose, we used the MoSCoW method. Such a solution allows the client to refinance development from sales growth. This allows us to better study the impact of changes to the store on conversion rates as new functionality is introduced. Once the implementation was complete, we also implemented our dedicated loyalty program, which for the client is fundamental to increasing customer loyalty. The client had no previous experience with PrestaShop, so we held a series of workshops and training sessions to show the client how the system works and allows them to make sales more efficiently compared to their previous CMS, which did not perform well on the backoffice side.

Graphic design

The graphic design was preceded by a workshop in which interested people on the client’s side and on our side took an active part in planning the vision of the project. Immediately after the implementation for the client, we planned to provide services of running ads, campaigns and positioning, so already at the stage of graphic design we defined useful functionalities for the future to use during the campaign, for example, 3 products for the price of 2 or functions to expand content for positioning. After the graphic designer gathered visions at workshop meetings, we proceeded to the graphic design stage. As part of this phase, a graphic designer prepared a homepage concept that, after a second iteration, fully met the client’s expectations. After creating the concept for the homepage, the graphic designer prepared all the other views required for implementation in the online store. As the work progressed, we met with the client to discuss each of the store’s graphic elements. We use modern graphic design tools, so we were able to share the graphic design with the client in real-time and, at the same time mark the elements that needed work after the meeting.

B2C PrestaShop implementation for Didier Lab brand

We carried out the implementation like any other in accordance with the Scrum methodology. Thanks to the use of Scrum, we always implement projects successfully, because as the work progresses we have extensive communication with the client establishing the scope of work and adapting to changes that can always arise when the client takes more time to fulfill his vision. This gave the client the confidence that the online store would be completed according to their expectations, and gave us the confidence that the project would be completed on time and on budget.

As the implementation began, we precisely broke down all tasks in the project tool by sprints. This approach allows us to more effectively conduct a sprint planning meeting at which we usually specify the details of task requirements.

The sprints lasted on average every 14 days and ended with a meeting presenting the results of the work in the tasks. It is standard for us to present the results of the work on the development server, so that the client can also check the results of the work on his own.

As part of the implementation, we also made numerous integrations with payment systems in the Lithuanian, Polish, French and Spanish markets.


The implementation of an online store for the brand LASHBOOM! was successfully implemented and the result of our work can be seen directly at didierlab.pl, didierlab.lt, didierlab.fr, didierlab.es. The implementation totaled 450 hours and was completed in less than four months from the start of the order.

B2C PrestaShop implementation for Didier Lab brand

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